quinta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2009

Love actually...

Yesterday, I said to someone: «Love can be celebrated on any given day.» So I got these from the internet:


«I wish there was some romantic, beautiful, and secret way to tell you that I love you, but there is only this: I love you with all my feet.»

— K


«Can we replay last night, every night? I want to keep you on repeat.»

— C


«You sat next to me in second grade. And fifth. And sixth. And in three classes in seventh. And we had English together in ninth. And tenth.

And you sit next to me in two classes now.

So how much different could dating be?»

— anonymous


«I’m thankful to be your friend. But my talents are better used as your boyfriend.»

— D


«I was so distracted thinking about you this morning that I accidentally brushed my teeth with face wash. It was worth it.»

— K


«i’ve got this ridiculous crush on you, and i’m falling in love, and i feel totally silly - sillier than i’ve ever felt in the twenty years we’ve been married.»

— ken

and a song, of course:

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